Flowbox releases version 1.5 w/ After Effects export and announces Imagineer Systems partnership

It’s been a year since we started pre-selling Flowbox. We’ve had countless conversations with VFX pros from around the world, and you’ve pushed Flowbox to be better and better.

Building a node based VFX Platform with basic roto tools was just the beginning. Since we’ve launched, we’ve stayed true to our vision of re-engineering the Rotoscoping workflow. In this release we’ve added some major additions, including Advanced Display Settings, LiveQC, and most importantly a long sought after Export to After Effects.


Of Flowbox’s recent update Mikołaj Valencia (CEO) said, “This is the biggest update we have had to date. Our AE export gives compatibility that Animators, Compositors, Roto Artists and Film Editors need that do not use Nuke as the core of their pipeline. We’ve completely rethought the roto workflow and you can see that in our LiveQC and Advanced Display Settings. You have to check it out.”


Along with this big release, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Imagineer Systems. Flowbox will license the Mocha Planar Tracking SDK and begin implementing immediately.


Mocha’s award-winning planar tracking has set the standard for professional VFX artists,” comments John-Paul Smith, CEO, Imagineer Systems. “Through licensing partnerships, the Mocha Planar Tracking SDK enables technology partners to develop new tools and workflows powered by the core Mocha tracking engine. The team at Flowbox has developed an exciting VFX platform and we look forward to this new partnership and what it will bring to VFX and roto artists.”


Flowbox plans to complete the integration of the license in the next months. Of the licensing partnership, Mikołaj Valencia (CEO) said, “With the addition of Mocha’s Planar Tracking SDK, Flowbox toolset will be the undisputed solution to Rotoscoping. We can’t wait to bring this to the post-production world.”


Check Flowbox’s new shop to download a free trial today—no credit card required!


 For more detail on the additions, check the change log.
Image credit: Matthew Drummond, My Pet Dinosaur